Class ManualProtocolEntryAFParmsDTO

    • Field Detail

      • module

        public String module
        One of the two constants "ComplianceScreening" or "ExportControl", for the module this event belongs to.

        May be null, in which case the user has to select the module with a combobox.
      • level

        public String level
        level is implied as informational for manual events
        The severity level of the logged event. Manual events are implicitly of info level. Therefore this parameter is no longer supported.
      • profileIdentCode

        public String profileIdentCode
        The ident code of the Compliance profile in Trade Compliance Management. The value must be a valid ident code of a profile customized in Trade Compliance Management for the client identified by the ApplicationFacadeParmsDTO.

        May be null. The profile is optional for protocolling.
      • referenceId

        public String referenceId
        Reference key for the protocol, e.g. current user, mandant, pc, delivery note number or debitor number.
        This field is for internal technical use to build references between the compliance protocols and the client system.
        Max. length: 1000

        However: The user may overwrite this field in the editor. There is no second field like referenceComment in this class, because it is not acceptable for a user to enter two fields.

        May be null.
      • info

        public String info
        A textual description of the event, which may be preset by this field. In fact this is the main field in the editor, but it may be preset as well.
        Max. length: 60000

        May be null.
      • clientSystemId

        public String clientSystemId
        A unique id of the client system for protocolling.
        The ASSIST4 host system should use a value like "AS4" and the Plug-in for SAP® a value like "SAP_[SAP system]_[SAP client]".

        Max. Length: 20.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManualProtocolEntryAFParmsDTO

        public ManualProtocolEntryAFParmsDTO()