Class ApplicationFacadeDTO

  • public class ApplicationFacadeDTO
    extends Object
    A data transfer object which describes an application facade. There are various techniques possible how to "open" the "application" on the client; typically only one of the fields is filled, but when more than one possibility is not null the client may choose the type most suitable. Supported types include
    • HTTP
      • use when field 'httpUrl' is not null. Open a browser and navigate to the url given. When urlCloseToken is given, you can monitor the browsers pages and when you find that it navigates to an url equal to urlCloseToken, the browser can be closed by the application.
    • Start executable
      • use when field 'executeProcess' is not null. Create a process as defined in the field 'executable', with the current directory as workDir (if specified).
    • Shell execute
      • use when field 'shellExecute' is not null. Create a file in a temporary directory with name equal to that given in 'fileName', and fill it with the bytes given in 'contents', and then invoke "ShellExecute" to let the shell open the application corresponding to the file type.
    • Field Detail

      • sessionid

        public String sessionid
        The session id of the application facade which may be used as a parameter to read results from the application facade. (Currently not supported.)
      • httpUrl

        public String httpUrl
        used when the application facade is to be opened in a browser An http:// or https:// URL which is a (Casabac-) web side to display the application facade,
      • urlCloseToken

        public String urlCloseToken
        url token to check on the remote system (for example SAP) if the browser was closed.
      • executeProcess

        public AFExecuteProcessParmsDTO executeProcess
        parameters when application is to be invoked via create process
      • shellExecute

        public AFShellExecuteParmsDTO shellExecute
        parameters when the application is to be invoked via shellExecute
    • Constructor Detail

      • ApplicationFacadeDTO

        public ApplicationFacadeDTO()