Class AFExecuteProcessParmsDTO

  • public class AFExecuteProcessParmsDTO
    extends Object
    Parameters of application facade invocation when this is to be done via create process: The client has to invoke the process as specified by the properties of this object.
    • Field Detail

      • executableFile

        public String executableFile
        the name of the executable (including path name, or expected to be found within search path) This must not contain any parameters, and it must not be enclosed with quotes even if the string contains spaces.
      • parameters

        public String parameters
        parameters to the executable. may be null. most processes expect parameters separated by spaces, and honor enclosing quotes for a parameter if it contains spaces.
      • workDir

        public String workDir
        the current directory to be set for the process created as given in executable may be null
    • Constructor Detail

      • AFExecuteProcessParmsDTO

        public AFExecuteProcessParmsDTO()