Interface IEngineBF

  • @BusinessFacade
    public interface IEngineBF
    Business facade used for inter-engine communication in case of load balancing.
    Only for internal (AEB) use.
    • Method Detail

      • invoke

        String invoke​(String handlerName,
                      String interfaceClassName,
                      String methodName,
                      String[] argumentsXML)
        Invoke a remote engine method very generically.
        handlerName - The name of the handler, if multiple handlers may be registered for the same interface.
        interfaceClassName - The class name of the interface.
        methodName - The method name to be invoked.
        argumentsXML - The arguments of the method, XML serialized with Jaxb.
        The return Object serialized with Jaxb.
      • checkEngineAlive

        boolean checkEngineAlive​(String expectedProcessId,
                                 String myProcessId,
                                 String myInstanceId)
        use to verify if the engine that created a ServerInstance object in the database is still valid. If no engine is running at the location given in the ServerInstance invoking this method will throw an exception. If the process has died and replaced by a different process, this call will succeed, but return false since its process id has changed
        expectedProcessId - The processId from the ServerInstance to check
        myProcessId - The process id of the ServerInstance of the process that is making this call
        myInstanceId - The primary key (id) of the ServerInstance of the process that is making this call
        True if this process that is now answering the BF call is really the one that is described in the arguments, i.e. expectedProcessId is identical to this process, and the database contains a ServerInstance with given myInstanceId and myProcessId (because if it does not, the calling process is connected to a different database).