Class RuntimeInfoDTO

  • public class RuntimeInfoDTO
    extends Object
    This class holds various runtime information items of the server which serves this request.
    • Field Detail

      • hostName

        public String hostName
        This is the name of the host, where the server is running which has answered the request
      • serviceName

        public String serviceName
        This is the service name, if the server is running as service or if not contains an empty String "".
      • productUri

        public String productUri
        This is the URI used by the server at runtime.
      • serverUrl

        public String serverUrl
        This is the server URL used by the server at runtime.
      • httpPort

        public String httpPort
        This is the HTTP port used by the server at runtime.
      • ajpPort

        public String ajpPort
        This is the AJP port used by the server at runtime.
      • productHomeAbsolutePath

        public String productHomeAbsolutePath
        Absolute path in server view, where the server is installed.
      • productVersion

        public String productVersion
        Product version as "1.2-20070215".
      • installationDate

        public Date installationDate
        Date of last installation/update
      • isDBReadyToUse

        public Boolean isDBReadyToUse
        True, if the DB is ready to use (connected, valid and not locked).
      • isPreparedForStop

        public Boolean isPreparedForStop
        True, if an announcement for a job is active.
      • activeSessionsCount

        public Integer activeSessionsCount
        Total count of active sessions (summarized over all GUI-frameworks).
      • additionalInfo

        public String additionalInfo
        Additional runtime info.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RuntimeInfoDTO

        public RuntimeInfoDTO()