Class RuntimeStateResultDTO

  • public class RuntimeStateResultDTO
    extends Object
    This class holds various information items of the server which serves this request.
    • Field Detail

      • isStateOK

        public Boolean isStateOK
        Is set to true, if the server is doing fine.
      • stateInfo

        public String stateInfo
        Additional information describing the server state - e.g. why the server is not OK. Typically this lists all server checks that failed, in a multiline string. However the result should not be parsed against a specific format, it is mainly intended to be presented to and interpreted by humans.
      • clusterRemark

        public String clusterRemark
        The remark for the installation cluster.
      • clusterRole

        public String clusterRole
        The role of the installation cluster. E.g. TEST for a test system.
      • supportedRemoteAdministrationOperations

        public String[] supportedRemoteAdministrationOperations
        Returns the supported operations as string array.
        Each entry has the form
        where BFName is the simple class name of the interface class without leading 'I', and methodName is the method name.
        This is derived from service name and operation name in corresponding WSDL.
        E.g. "CoreBF.getRuntimeState"
    • Constructor Detail

      • RuntimeStateResultDTO

        public RuntimeStateResultDTO()