Interface IATCConnectorBF

  • @BusinessFacade
    public interface IATCConnectorBF
    Tunneling of incoming RFC calls and IDocs receiving with http/webservice
    • Method Detail

      • invokeRFC

        RFCResponseDTO invokeRFC​(RFCCallDTO rfcCall)
        invoke an incoming rfc call
        rfcCall - all ingoing arguments
        all outgoing result values
      • genericCall

        GenericAnswerDTO genericCall​(GenericCallDTO call)
        make a generic call passing arguments packed into a generic structure
        call - - containing the function name and all arguments with internal structure serialized into a simple array; the top level items without parents are the function arguments, with correct names;
        the result of the function call, serialized into a simple array, which the caller can transform back into the corresponding structures; the result typically contains only one toplevel element which is named RESULT