What’s new with the latest service pack

Find out here what’s new in Logistics Cost Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

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What’s new at a glance

New features are available in Logistics Cost Management, primarily in the area of Automated Invoice Auditing. We’ve given you more flexibility in working with the compiled comparison values. Now, you can use two separate comparison values and decide for yourself whether to apply one or both to searches. You can now also assign rights for approving settlements even beyond Automated Invoice Auditing, enabling even better support for your workflows.

What’s new in Automated Invoice Auditing

What’s new in the comparison values

  • We’ve given your more flexibility and optimized your experience in working with compiled comparison values (such as reference number charge codes). Now you have the two comparison values 1 and 2 available to use in the invoice auditing scheme of the respective company for the external invoice and settlement (Master dataCompaniesInvoice audit sheet).
  • To make it possible to find all the items associated with a service item or charge code, you now have the added option to search for comparison values under Logistics Cost ManagementExternal invoices, Audit & correct sheet. The search looks for comparison value 1 and comparison value 2.
  • A comparison item is always compiled using the same comparison values. To help you keep track of what belongs together when seen from other perspectives, you can check the Search sheet to see all the items whose comparison value 1 or 2 is the same ( Logistics Cost ManagementExternal invoicesAudit & correct sheet – open comparison item – Search sheet).

Further optimizations in Automated Invoice Auditing

  • Get an overview of differences when balancing external invoices (External invoice sheet). Now you can also find the differences in the “Audit Report” document.
  • In the external invoice, go to the Audit & correct sheet and filter by notes.
  • To edit multiple external invoices simultaneously, go to the external invoices overview and click on the “External invoices” menu. This makes it possible to balance multiple invoices, for example, or generate (new) comparison values for them.
  • The data export feature, in addition to settlement exports, now lets you export data from the external invoice as well.

Further optimizations

Changes to girth specs

The total dimensions have been lowered from 330 cm to 300 cm to comply with UPS requirements. New package filters with these changes are now available.

Custom rights for functions

Now you have the option to assign rights for the approval of settlements. This lets you customize the workflow for approving settlements in your company at the individual level by specifying, for example, that only those with a particular role can confirm the Assistant message Approve settlement.

In the external invoice, press the F8 key to define the settings for rights. You must be logged on as an administrator for this.