What’s new in the latest service pack as from March 1, 2021

Find out here what’s new in Trade Compliance Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

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What’s new at a glance

In Compliance Screening, the UKSL (UK Sanctions List, United Kingdom) and MEUL (Military End User List, USA) sanctions lists are now available for licensing so that you can continue complying with the legal requirements that apply to you.

In Risk Assessment, you can now also select the companies/persons involved for a questionnaire from your master data.

If you use both and in your SAP® system and you carry out several export control checks for a transaction, the approvals in the legal area of "Risk Assessment" are no longer used if, in the meantime, a new questionnaire has been created for this check transaction, for example.

In addition, our developers have implemented further optimizations for you.


Subjects of automatically triggered emails shortened

The subjects of emails that you receive as a result of the log distribution of Trade Compliance Management have been shortened so that you can more quickly see what kind of event it is.

For example, the subject of an email you receive based on the address match of a screened person has been shortened from "Information from Trade Compliance Management: address match for <screened person>" to "Address match for <screened person>".

Compliance Screening

New sanctions lists UKSL and MEUL available

AEB has added new sanctions lists to its list portfolio. You can license them as from now for Compliance Screening to continue complying with legal requirements:

  • The United Kingdom has launched the new UK Sanctions List (UKSL). It contains person-related sanctions imposed post-Brexit by the UK authorities under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (SAMLA) and UN Security Council resolutions.
  • For companies based in the UK, it is essential to screen against this list.
  • From the USA comes the new sanctions list MEUL (Military End User List). It contains companies that are classified by the US government as military end users.
  • Screening against this list is recommended for all companies who trade in US goods directly or indirectly, or are US persons and therefore subject to US law.

Defining a Good Guy in match handling: fewer Good Guy lists to choose from

When you define a Good Guy in match handling, you can now select only those Good Guy lists that are listed in the compliance profile of the log entry for that match. Thus, Compliance Screening ensures that the newly defined Good Guy will be considered during the next compliance screening with this compliance profile. This is because a Good Guy list that is not stored in the active compliance profile is not taken into account during an address check, so the Good Guys stored there are also ignored.

Risk Assessment

Companies for questionnaires can now also be used from your master data

When entering a questionnaire, you now also have the option of selecting companies/persons from your companies master data. For frequently required companies/persons, this saves you the effort of manual data entry.

To do this, click on the button at the end of the entry fields for this partner role. In the Partner data window, you can then search for the desired company using the button.

Plug-ins for SAP®

Export Controls: Approvals for Risk Assessment are now checked for validity

If you use both Export Controls and Risk Assessment in your SAP® system and you carry out several export control checks for a transaction, Export Controls will now also consider if approvals in a Risk Assessment questionnaire are still valid or not. In this way, approvals in the legal area of "Risk Assessment", for example, are no longer used if a new questionnaire has been created for the check transaction in the meantime.

In general, approvals for the legal area of "Risk Assessment" are now automatically deleted in the course of the export control check if the approval refers to a questionnaire other than the one currently valid or if its processing status has changed.