What’s new in the latest service pack as from November 23, 2020

Find out here what’s new in Trade Compliance Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

Press F1 to access the service pack information directly through your product’s help menu.

What’s new at a glance

With version 1.7, there are many improvements available in the Compliance Screening Salesforce app. Most notably you can switch communication between software components to REST. In Risk Assessment, the new option A601660, Archiving allows the archiving of logs.

Our developers have also implemented new functionalities for you in Compliance Screening, Export Controls, and License Management.

What’s new in your AEB applications

Help menu improved

Since October 2020, you have faster access to additional help pages via the help menu. Click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to open it. Within the newly designed help menu, you will find direct links to:

  • Step-by-step guides: These instructions will guide you through your application step by step.
  • Help for screen (F1): Opens tooltips for the current screen. Here you will find explanations of all fields, table columns, menu functions, buttons, and shortcuts for this screen.
  • Show keyboard shortcuts: Save time by working with the keyboard shortcuts provided.
  • What’s new in your product? Here you will find a summary of the most important new features and changes that AEB has implemented in your product.
  • Service pack information: Opens a list of all new features and changes that are included in the current service pack.
  • Show tooltips checkbox: Enables the field-specific help as soon as your mouse hovers over an element on the user interface. Learn more about the required entries and get more links to step-by-step guides.

At the bottom of the help menu, you will find system information. The name of the product and the last installed service pack are displayed.

Compliance Screening

Machine translation of business partners: New threshold available

If you use this option, you can now set an individual threshold for machine translations. This allows you to take less account of translation-based deviations during compliance screening.

If you have set up automatic translation for business partners, you will find the new Threshold for transl. (threshold for translation) option on the Compliance Screening sheet under Administration − Compliance − Profiles − open active compliance profile.

Export Controls

End-uses in manual restrictions possible

In manual restrictions, you can now define the end-uses that a check transaction must have for the restriction to take effect.

License Management

ELANK2 transactions now also possible with the “Re-export request” transaction type

The License Management DE jurisdiction now also supports ELANK2 transactions with the “Re-export request” transaction type.

Risk Assessment

Archiving of logs now possible

It is now also possible in Risk Assessment to archive the (functional) logs, which you can find in the Office under Risk Assessment − Logs. This allows you to keep the logs for a longer period of time, even if you want to delete older logs from the production database for better performance.

Salesforce app

Find out here what’s new in the Compliance Screening Salesforce app. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

Communication between software components improved

The new version 1.7 of the Compliance Screening Salesforce app is available with various improvements. Key change: You have the option of switching the communication between the software components from SOAP to REST. This makes the interface more robust against changes and also improves performance.

To switch to REST, define an endpoint without the addition "/servlet/bf" under Named Credentials. Details can be found in the Installation & Configuration Guide and on the AEB website.