What’s new in the latest service pack as from August 23, 2021

Find out here what’s new in Customs Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

Access the service pack information directly through your product’s help menu. Click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to open it.

What’s new at a glance

Extensive changes to European customs law have resulted in new regulations for the customs handling of low-value consignments in the e-commerce and service provider sectors since July 1, 2021. For this reason, Customs Management now also supports you with the declaration of low-value consignments in the Netherlands (“DECO procedure”).

In addition, the rollout of this service pack brings you improved automation options, e.g. in the area of dynamic value initialization or in package aggregation. Numerous optimizations to the user interface, based on feedback from our customers, complement the scope of this service pack.