What’s new in the latest service pack as from March 1, 2021

Find out here what’s new in Customs Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

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What’s new at a glance

You can now use Customs Management to create goods movement records (GMR) in the British “Goods Vehicle Movement Service” (GVMS) system. GVMS is a new HMRC software system to control and automate the movement of goods through ferry ports into and out of the UK, which has become necessary with the end of the Brexit transition period.

In addition, AEB has implemented numerous new functionalities and enhancements that make your work easier, especially in the wake of the new customs regulations between the EU and the UK.


Let the integrated Assistant support you even better during data entry and benefit from extended plausibility checks, e.g:

  • It is now ensured that no declarations are sent without packages.
  • UK: the Assistant alerts you to illegal characters in a description of goods (NCTS UK).
  • UK: an Assistant check prevents incomplete GB EORIs from being sent to HMRC in export and import declarations.
  • UK: the Assistant now alerts you to invalid additional commodity codes.

The notification configuration has also been optimized and now offers you more options when sending e-mail notifications to specific target groups:

  • In the shipping context, you can now also specify the consignor as a condition.
  • For e-mail notifications, the LRN (Local Reference Number) is also available in the placeholders.

Export Filing / Import Filing

Goods Movement Records (GMR) for new British GVMS system now available

If all requirements are met, AEB’s specialized Customs Management software now allows you to access the new British GVMS e-customs system and process goods movement records (GMR).

The goal of the new HMRC e-customs system is to facilitate the flow of goods moving between the EU and the United Kingdom at ports and terminals that have limited space for conducting customs processes. It allows the movement of goods to be pre-announced before departure, which enables customs authorities to process the customs declarations while the goods are on their way. GVMS also links the customs declaration of the goods and any Safety & Security declaration reference to the actual movement of the goods in one record.

A declaration in the GVMS system is called a goods movement record (GMR). A GMR is created per truck and contains details of the vehicle and the details of the declarations relating to the goods carried on it.

The responsibility to create a GMR lies with the hauliers who are responsible for transporting goods to/from the EU and the UK or with carriers who are legally authorized to transport goods from one location to another.

The functionality of the new GVMS system is going to be rolled out in two stages:

  • In a first phase (started at the beginning of the year) GVMS will be used for:
    • Imports to Northern Ireland from Great Britain
    • Exports from Northern Ireland to Great Britain
    • Transit movements into the UK
  • In a second phase (currently scheduled to start in July 2021), the full functionality of GVMS will be available at the EU-UK border:
    • Exports from the UK to the EU
    • Imports from the EU into the UK (including Safety & Security imports into the UK)
    • Transit movements in both directions

Customs Management from AEB supports the following processes:

  • Creating, editing, and searching for goods movement records
  • Correcting goods movement records
  • Canceling goods movement records
  • Identifying and editing controls

Export Filing: CHIEF (Easy Mode)

You can now access the new AEB Help Center for the Easy Mode of Export Filing: CHIEF directly from the Tutorials widget on your desktop. It offers you a comprehensive self-service:

  • Step-by-step instructions for new colleagues as well as a collection of useful articles for experienced users
  • General background knowledge
  • A glossary of technical terms and abbreviations of foreign trade & logistics
  • Quick search

Customs Broker Integration – in Customs Management

Benefit from the following optimizations in Customs Broker Integration when you create broker instructions and communicate with your broker:

  • The Assistant now checks the validity of commodity codes in your broker instructions, provided the commodity code catalogs are available for this country and are set up accordingly.
  • If an interaction is required for a particular processing step, the Assistant in the broker instruction will prompt you accordingly. In addition, a broker instruction that requires user action is marked with a warning icon in the Progress column in the broker instruction overview.
  • You can now upload additional documents with a notification for your broker, e.g. required documents for a customs inspection.
  • The broker can now also update customs references (e.g. MRN), e.g. in case of an incorrect entry.