What’s new in the latest service pack as from May 24, 2021

Find out here what’s new in Customs Broker Integration. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

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What’s new at a glance

For the customer (ordering party), the possibility was created for the new service pack to commission “broker services” for export declarations or a combination of export & transit declarations in the context of the export process. Customers can define in Customs Broker Integration in Customs Management which of these services they want to order from their customs broker. The customs broker on the other hand can select the respective declaration process in the Customs Broker Portal when processing broker instructions for status messages and other updates.

What’s new in your AEB applications

Submitting requests to AEB Support directly from within your application

From now on, you can submit requests to the AEB Support team directly from your application. Click on the button in the upper right corner and select Help with questions.

Depending on the nature of your request, select one of the suggested topics (such as General Support Ticket), specify your request using the drop-down menu if applicable, and describe your request in the free text field.

If content for your application is already available in the AEB Help Center, you have the possibility to find articles related to your question.

Security note for your login

After you log in to the application, you will now be displayed additional information for security reasons.

A short note text next to your login details displays your last login time. If the last login with your user data was made from another browser, this will be highlighted separately via a pop-up window. If this login is unknown to you, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons.

Customs Broker Integration – in Customs Management

New “Broker service” functionality available for export and/or transit broker instructions

When creating a new broker instruction, you now have the option to define a broker service. You can order an export declaration or a combination of an export and a transit declaration for broker instructions (export). Your customs broker then uploads all relevant data for the required export and transit documents in the system. This allows you to clearly view all status updates and documents of both declaration processes in one broker instruction.

Configuration options for email notifications extended

  • You can now configure email notifications based on the declaration process (e.g. export, transit).
  • In addition, email notifications for events have been optimized: You can now use placeholders for declaration data in the notification text during configuration (e.g. customs declaration reference number, declaration process, LRN of the declaration, etc.). In the standard event Declaration sent, references from the declaration can now also be added. This was previously only possible for references from the broker instruction.

Further optimization of functionality and user interface

  • The Customs information sheet of the broker instructions has been completely revised: the field group names are now more meaningful and the structure of the customs declaration and events overviews has been improved.
  • You can now reset the transition of a broker instruction even if the status of the consignment is Canceled. In this case, you no longer need to invalidate the broker instruction as before.

Customs Broker Integration – Customs Broker Portal

New Broker service functionality available for export and/or transit broker instructions

Your customers (ordering parties) can now order a broker service when creating a broker instruction in their system. For broker instructions (export), they can define whether they want to order an export declaration or a combination of export declaration and transit declaration. In these cases, you as the customs broker can select the associated declaration process during status updates and document uploads.

Other changes