What’s new in the latest service pack as from May 24, 2021

Find out here what’s new in Trade Compliance Management. Further optimizations and bug fixes can be found in the service pack information.

Press F1 to access the service pack information directly through your product’s help menu.

What’s new at a glance

In Trade Compliance Management, you can now submit requests to the AEB Support directly via the button Help with questions.

Compliance Screening now allows you to specifically search for non-matches, as long as you log non-matches in a file. If you screen against Dow Jones restricted party lists, you can also increase your match handling efficiency.

AEB has added some convenient features for creating ELANK2 usage reports in License Management. For example, BAFA requires a special export control number format with sub-numbers in ELANK2 usage reports for more detailed specification. Previously, you had to select these BAFA goods list numbers manually in each approval. Now you have the possibility to automate this selection by maintaining a new master table.

What’s new in your AEB application

Submitting requests to AEB Support directly from within your application

From now on, you can submit requests to the AEB Support team directly from your application. Click on the button in the upper right corner and select Help with questions.

Depending on the nature of your request, select one of the suggested topics (such as General Support Ticket), specify your request using the drop-down menu if applicable, and describe your request in the free text field.

If content for your application is already available in the AEB Help Center, you have the possibility to find articles related to your question.

Security note for your login

After you log in to the application, you will now be displayed additional information for security reasons.

A short note text next to your login details displays your last login time. If the last login with your user data was made from another browser, this will be highlighted separately via a pop-up window. If this login is unknown to you, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons.

Compliance Screening

Searching for non-matches possible

If you log non-matches in a file, you can now specifically search for non-matches in the screening logs.

Go to the Office – Compliance Screening – Logs and select the Non-matches – Search in files menu.

Match handling for matches on Dow Jones restricted party lists improved

When screening against Dow Jones restricted party lists, the Original list name and Restriction source fields are now populated with information about the restricted party lists or sanctions programs or sanctions regimes. This allows you to be more efficient in match handling, for example, by sorting the restricted party addresses found using these fields to evaluate them more quickly.

You can use this in the address check as well as in the match handling:

  • In the address check, Check result field group, show the two columns with the same names. By clicking on one of the table headings you sort the entries of the table by this value. To do this, the “No grouping” entry must be selected in the Grouping field above the table.
  • In an open address match in the match handling, you can also show these two columns in the Restricted party addresses found field group. By clicking on one of the table headings you sort the entries of the table by this value.

License Management

ELAN-K2 usage reports: Goods attributes can now be converted to BAFA goods list numbers

In the semi-annual ELAN-K2 usage reports on your licenses that require notification, BAFA requires a special export control number format with sub-numbers for more precise specification. These BAFA goods list numbers cannot always be determined automatically from the export control number. Previously, you had to manually select the BAFA goods list numbers in each approval.

AEB has now simplified this:

  • If there is only one possible BAFA goods list number for an export control number, License Management now automatically adds this to the approval.
  • If there are several possible BAFA goods list numbers for an export control number, you can now maintain a meaningful assignment to the goods attributes you use in a separate master table. If the assignment in the table is unambiguous, License Management automatically populates the BAFA goods list numbers in your approvals.

From the Office, click on Master data − Compliance – Classifications of goods ELANK2. Here you can assign a BAFA goods list number to a single goods attribute or a combination of goods attributes from your transaction items (e.g. specific EU export control number plus specific material number). If you specify several goods attributes for your transaction items in the initial values, the individual conditions are linked with a logical AND, i.e. they must all be fulfilled.

In order to supplement the BAFA goods list number for already existing approvals by means of the master table, you can use the new Complete BAFA goods numbers button on the Data selection & report generation sheet in the ELANK2 usage report.

Further optimizations for ELANK2 usage reports

BOM items: If you also perform checks and create approvals at the BOM level, you can now distinguish in the ELANK2 usage report whether these are approvals for delivery or order items or approvals for BOM items.

Open the ELAN-K2 usage report and switch to the Data selection & report generation sheet. In the Filter field group, you will now find the new Incl. BOM items (including BOM items) option. In the table, you can also show the new BOM items column.

P.O. box and street address: Previously, if both a P.O. box and a street address were maintained in the business partners of your transactions, you received warnings by the Assistant. Now License Management transmits only the street address to BAFA in the case that both addresses are maintained. Exception: If the data for the P.O. box address is more complete than that for the street address, it will be transmitted instead of the street address.